Meet Our Team

Our Core Team:

Math: Mrs. Gina Orr
ELA: Ms. Jess Reitnauer
Social Studies: Mr. Mike Heimbach
Science: Mrs. Jenn Karetsky (Team Leader)

Teachers who Overlap with other Teams:

Social Studies: Mrs. Gackenbach, Ms. Sensinger
Science: Mrs. Wimmer
ELA: Mrs. Knowlton
Math: Ms. Myers, Mr. Pizzuto 

Michael Heimbach

Phone Numbers:
School: 65222

Jennifer Karetsky

Phone Numbers:
School: 65250

Lauren Myers

Phone Numbers:
School: 66206

Gina Orr

Phone Numbers:
School: 65226

Jessica Reitnauer

Phone Numbers:
School: 65223

Sarah Wimmer

Phone Numbers:
School: 65239

Supply List

Materials for 7th grade

As a team, we highly recommend the use of individual folders or two smaller binders (morning/ afternoon) rather than 1 large binder for staying organized. By 7th grade, students will have 13 different classes (including specials).  That is a lot of papers in one binder and most kids have a hard time keeping all of that material organized! 

Recommended Materials for All Classes:

  • Silent Reading Book (you can borrow from the library!)
  • Agenda Book (Mandatory- provided by the school)
  • Pencil case to hold materials
  • Lots of pencils- the wooden kind! Mechanical pencils are ok, but lead often becomes an issue
  • Erasers
  • Pack of lined notebook paper
  • Calculator (highly recommended but not mandatory): Label it with your name! Calculator TI-30XIIS  Amazon Purchase
  • Earphones (clearly labeled)
  • Highlighter
  • Box of colored pencils, markers or crayons
  • Other craft supplies (kid scissors)

Recommended for Specific Classes:

  • Science -  Mrs.  Karetsky - binder with lined notebook paper and/or a folder for worksheets and a separate composition (spiral) notebook.  In addition, G/HP students will need an additional composition "log book" for their science fair project.
  • Science -  Mrs. Adamson - Students will need a folder of his or her choice in which to keep any handouts.
  • Social Studies - Mr. Heimbach - SMALL (1" or less) 3 ring binder WITH pockets OR a pocket folder with prongs
  • Social Studies - Mrs. Gackenbach - Students need a DEDICATED social studies binder (1") and 5-dividers. Mrs. Gackenbach will do binder checks and collect them; I am certain you wouldn't want them handing it in and not having the materials for their other classes!
  • Language Arts - Ms. Reitnauer - 3 prong folder with two pockets (We highly suggest the heavy-duty plastic variety so it has a better change of surviving all year.)  A small 1/2" binder could be used instead if preferred.  
  • Math - Ms. Orr - Separate binder/ notebook with lined paper 

Other Subjects

  • Have another folder for each period of the day that is not a core area but is a special subject.  We have 7 periods a day with 4 core subjects (Math, ELA, Science, and Social Studies)
    (Designating a folder by period is easier to remember than having one for each special area.)