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Course Requests in Home Access Center

6th & 7th Grade Students

In an effort to continue our goal of “going green” in the Parkland School District, parents of current 6th and 7th grade students will be entering course requests for the 2022-2023 school year for their child directly into Home Access Center.

  • Teachers will enter their course recommendations for each child based on the child’s academic performance during the first three marking periods of the 2021-2022 school year.
  • During the February 14 – 22 window, please review the recommendations in HAC. If you would like your child to be scheduled for those courses, click SAVE on the Select a Course screen.
  • If after considering the teacher recommendations in addition to your child’s abilities, you wish to choose a different course, you will need to remove the original √ from the request column and place a √ in the request column of the course you would to select. Then click SAVE on the Select a Course screen.

The Home Access Center ( will ONLY be open for parents to perform this task from February 14 – 22.

On February 23, any student whose parent has not completed the registration process will automatically be scheduled for the courses that the teachers have recommended.

**Parents must use their parent/guardian login to view teacher recommendations. The student login will NOT work**

If you are in need of your parent user name and password, please email HAC Help at prior to February 11th.

Parent Instructions for entering course requests in Home Access.

Middle School Course Descriptions

Please note that course requests must be entered using a Guardian login to Home Access Center. If you do not have a Guardian account login or have trouble with the account, please email HAC Help at

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